Rapidly Build and Share Beautiful Maps

MapperKeeper makes it easy to build maps, write stories, and post them to social media with one click!

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What is MapperKeeper?

MapperKeeper is an online platform for telling stories with maps, and then quickly sharing them with others.


Map Editor

Create stunning maps using our intuitive online map editor.

Easy Sharing

Share your map easily to all your social media accounts with just one click.

Simple Workflow

Build a map. Write a story. Publish your creation to the world.

Map Mentions

Create interactive links to features on your map using the @ symbol when writing a story.


MapperKeeper has many features that make creating and telling your map story simple:

  • online map editor with drawing tools
  • link YouTube videos and images to map features
  • text editor for writing a story
  • support for importing many open geospatial data formats
  • attractive basemaps from Esri, Stamen, and OpenStreetMap


Link your social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) to MapperKeeper, and sharing is as simple as one click. MapperKeeper will post a brief summary and image of your map to all your linked accounts.

When you need to get your map shared in a hurry, there is no better solution than MapperKeeper!

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